Mix "Chef Dukat" Biscuit superconcentrate

✔ Economical to use - dosage 6%
✔ Easy to use - simultaneous loading of ingredients
✔ Technological - ensures the stability of finished products

Application area:
for all types of biscuit: butter, sour cream, chocolate, roll, carrot, honey, classic, bush and savoiardi


✔ Reduced kneading time;

✔ The stability of the finished dough - in case of untimely baking, the dough retains its properties;

✔ Finished products have a uniform volume and a finely porous structure;

✔ Keeps the freshness and moisture of the crumb for a long time;

✔ Corresponds to the biscuit according to the traditional recipe - the finished biscuit on the mixture is not inferior to the biscuit prepared according to the classic recipe.

Shelf life: 12 months at temperature not higher than 20°С and relative air humidity <75%

Packing: kraft bags with a polyethylene liner, 5, 10, 15 kg