Whipping Cream Chef Dukat 2003

Efficient, technological, airy and voluminous, which is specialized for lines with an automatic system: decorating and assembling cakes, filling pastry cavities. The cream is technological when beating with an aerator or a simple mixer. The finished cream has more time to stabilize the cream, which ensures: technological and ideal work on automatic and semi-automatic lines, economic benefits when selling cream products by weight (custard semi-finished products, tubes, etc.)

Increases 3.5 times when whipped
Stable for the entire shelf life of the product - does not liquefy and does not settle
The cream can be whipped with sugar up to 60%, molasses up to 20%, powdered sugar up to 40%, sugar syrup (50 - 70%) concentration - up to 20%. Whipped cream can be mixed with boiled condensed milk up to 30%, fruit fillings - fillers up to 40%, with fermented milk products up to 30%, dry custard diluted up to 20% or dry up to 5-10%.
Ideal for the production of frozen cream products
Contains 24% fat

Cream - a layer of cakes, rolls, pastries
Filling - eclairs, choux, profiteroles
frozen desserts

Free from preservatives, trans fatty acids and cholesterol

2 "Bag in Box" aseptic bags of 10 kg, enclosed in a corrugated box

Shelf life and storage conditions:
9 months at temperatures from 0°С to +10°С and relative air humidity not more than 80%. After opening, store the product in the refrigerator for no more than 5 days.