Filling Anabelle Plombir, 7%

Specialists of the RnD department of Dukat have developed this product taking into account the complicated economic situation in the world, the crisis of the raw material base and includes the most ideal balance of price and quality.

  • Thermal stability 100% – does not boil and does not crack when t 180°С
  • The delicate taste of vanilla plombir – thanks to the dairy components in the composition.
  • Universal dosing – thanks to its plastic and short structure, it is suitable for automatic lines and for manual jigging.
  • Perfectly mixed and combined with all prescription components of creams – fruit and cream fillings, jam, whipping creams, spreads, butter, margarine.

Application area:
  • Filling for baking: muffins and puff pastry
  • Filling for croissants, donuts, donuts and berliners
  • Interlayer for sweet rolls
  • Whipping with creams
  • Filling in cookies like "sandwich" and "nuts"

taste – vanilla ice cream
color – white-cream
consistency – plastic
structure – short
mass fraction of fat – at least 7%
water activity – no more than 0.8%
SV (dry matter) content – no less than 64%

corrugated box with liner, 20 kg

Shelf life and storage conditions:
9 months at a temperature from 0 ° C to +10 °C and relative humidity not more than 85%