Anabelle Creamy

Anabelle Creamy
Anabelle Cream with cream and curd flavor

Rich and delicate creamy and curd taste due to the rich aromatics and milk ingredients.
The texture is granulated with small grains, which resembles curd cream and gives the filling a unique charm, while baking the graininess will remain.
Multi-function dosing – thanks to its plastic texture and short structure, it is suitable for automatic equipment and for manual molding.
High 100% thermal stability - when baking and freezing, it retains taste, color, aroma, texture.

Application area:
– filling with subsequent baking of gingerbread and sweet butter cookies, muffins, Danish pastry and sweet pastry
– filling of semi-finished choux pastry products, croissants, wafer rolls and nuts
- stuffing of frozen pancakes
– putting cream in cakes, rolls, pastries
- whipping with creams

taste - creamy
color - creamy white
gloss - glossy
consistency - plastic
structure - smeared, slightly granular
mass fraction of fat - no less than 5%
water activity - no more than 0.85%
DM content (dry matter) – no less than 60%

corrugated box with polyethylene liner, 20 kg

Shelf life and storage conditions:
9 months at temperatures from 0°С to +10°С